The sustainable requirements and preferences of travellers have changed. Accommodation and experiences in Lofoten, haven´t. That's where our venture, Lofotenstays, comes in.

Accommodation and experiences designed for people who loves nature

We’re a mission-driven business and endeavour committed to pioneering real green tourism in this environmentally sensitive area. Our goal is to bridge the gap between sustainability demands and Lofoten’s natural beauty, leading by example in eco-conscious travel. 

Explore with respect for nature

We’re proud to offer a fully electric travel experience both on land and sea within Lofoten. While how you arrive is up to you, all accommodations include a calculation of your carbon footprint and overcompensating it tenfold through VCS-certified gold-standard blue carbon project. Soon this eco-conscious approach is woven into our pricing, dynamically adjusted based on your origin, encouraging local tourism with a lower price.

In addition to this mitigation, we use 5% of all revenue generated to finance carbon removal. (Read more here) Later in 2024, expect a detailed report and a personalized video on your stay, your environmental impact, and our compensatory projects. 

Strategic collaborations

We include strategic collaborations that amplify our commitment to sustainability. A prime example is our partnership with Xshore, a Swedish company renowned for its eco-friendly practices. Operating out of Stockholm, Xshore’s electric boat factory has earned the prestigious Dark Green Cicero stamp, a testament to its environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

Our efforts are focused on accelerating the development of incentives and infrastructure for electric boats in the region. By spearheading this initiative, we aim to create a robust framework that supports and encourages the use of electric boats, making our sustainable model not just a vision, but a tangible reality.

Key partners for Lofotenstays: ÔÔD, Normative, Mooder, Salto, Destination Lofoten, ZeroKyst, Plug, VERRA, Lofotrådet, VisitVærøy, Greenkey, Climeworks, B-Corp and Sustainable Destination mark. 

Our accommodations and experiences

We’ve meticulously selected our accommodation options. After visiting numerous factories, we found a partner whose micro-housing units meet our rigorous quality standards. Tested and improved over 8 years, ÔÔD has the knowledge and experience building products that can tackle Lofotens harch conditions for decades, yet require a minimal natural footprint. We’re also revitalizing existing properties in Svolvær and Værøy, future-proofing them with insulation, design and energy management systems. Moreover, all our locations are powered exclusively by renewable energy, specifically Hydroelectricity by Lofotkraft Produksjon AS.

We’re embarking on a certified project that leverages seaweed solutions and algae, utilizing idle fish factories for four to five months each year. This project, set to launch in 2026, represents a significant step in our commitment to local carbon mitigation and profitability by selling high-quality carbon credits. 

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Investments and partners

As we bootstrap this new venture, we’re on the lookout for the right investors who not only share our vision for a sustainable tourism futurebut also recognize the potential for profitability with our scaling plan. Our model is designed to be highly scalable and adaptable to various environments and regions. Our vision is for Lofotenstays to become a benchmark project for green tourism, where other industry players can follow our lead and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Are you an investor or have products that could be reused/retrofitted that you think could fit our business model?