Rapid response to climate change.

WIF cooperates with private and public partners in cost-effective offsets of carbon footprints. Waterdrop has assisted WIF in these efforts for several years, contributing to the impactful initiatives.

“Working with Andreas and the Waterdrop team has been a crucial part of our brand's development. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence in communication have significantly contributed to building trust in our brand. The processes they manage on a monthly basis ensure that every aspect of our collaboration is seamless and efficient. I am incredibly grateful for Waterdrop's relentless efforts in not only developing our brand, website, and film but also in crafting strategic initiatives. Their collaborative work with international investors and partners has been essential in securing financing for millions of mangrove trees.”

Arne FjørtoftSecretary General & Founder WIF, In consultative status with the United Nations
Worldview International Foundation

2018 -2023

  • Website development & design
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Photography & Films
  • Strategy
  • News articles

A fruitful journey

Through years of collaboration, we have become a strategic partner that has not only delivered communication, brand development, and design, but also developed investment models and conducted outbound sales that have resulted in millions in investments and sales of certified carbon credits.

“For detailed insights into our collaboration, key learnings, and the factors behind our success, don't hesitate to get in touch. This project has been both challenging and highly rewarding. We are proud to have played a part in planting 100 million mangrove trees, which are sequestering 50 million metric tons of carbon.”

Andreas Falk LukseppCreative Director and founder