Based on the narrative we've developed for Nordea, aimed at enhancing their sustainability communication, here are some key points:

Investing in a better tomorrow

In developing the narrative for Nordea’s sustainability communications, we’ve emphasized several key themes that underline their proactive approach to tackling global challenges. The narrative showcases Nordea’s recognition of the threats posed by rising temperatures, environmental degradation, and social inequalities, positioning the bank not just as a financial institution, but as a pivotal player in societal change. This positioning aligns with the growing expectations of customers who demand that financial services not only manage funds but also steer these towards sustainable ventures that reduce emissions, protect ecosystems, and foster social equity.

Nordea’s narrative is structured to demonstrate their commitment through concrete actions. This includes substantial investments in sustainable projects and promoting practices that are both environmentally conscious and socially equitable. By leveraging its vast resources and Nordic influence, Nordea is uniquely equipped to lead and facilitate the transition to a sustainable future, with a focus on doubling their sustainable financing by 2025.

Moreover, the narrative underscores Nordea’s internal commitment to diversity and inclusion, highlighting the varied backgrounds of its employees as a strength that drives innovation and better customer service. This internal culture mirrors their external mission—supporting societal transformation through education on financial and entrepreneurial skills and by engaging with local communities and global markets to foster positive change.

Ultimately, the narrative reinforces that Nordea’s approach to sustainability is holistic, impacting not only how they manage assets but also how they engage with and influence stakeholders to promote broader societal benefits. This story of transformation and commitment is designed to resonate with all Nordea’s stakeholders, illustrating their role in a sustainable future and their dedication to being a force for positive change in the world.

Sustainability communication 

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