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In collaboration with the Norwegian Food Council, we embarked on a multifaceted campaign to encourage Swedes to choose Norwegian shrimps. Central to the strategy was the "Change Trick," a concept popular in Scandinavia, which involves substituting meat with seafood in traditional dishes. An example we highlighted was transforming the classic Pasta Carbonara by replacing bacon with shrimps.

Swapping proteins 

Our primary channels for outreach were Swedish television and various social media platforms, selected for their wide reach and influence. By leveraging these mediums, we were able to engage directly with a large segment of the Swedish population.

Furthermore, we developed and optimized four shrimp-based recipes for online searches. These recipes were not only delicious but also easy to find on Google, making it convenient for anyone searching for seafood alternatives.

To extend our reach, we collaborated with popular food influencers. These influencers showcased our recipes and highlighted the benefits of choosing Norwegian shrimp, thus creating a trend and influencing public opinion.

Our efforts bore fruit, as evidenced by increased Norwegian shrimp sales in Sweden.



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